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The Curtis Banks SSAS

While SIPPs have grabbed all the headlines in recent years, SSAS options have been around for over 30 years and remain an invaluable form of pension planning. They have some advantages over SIPPs, including the ability to make loans to the employer company and the grouping together of pension assets for business owners and key executives.

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The following are required in order to take out a Curtis Banks SSAS:

Often a SSAS has become a forgotten product, administered by companies who have not developed their systems, with high and uncompetitive fee levels. With the A-Day changes introduced in 2006, SSAS and SIPP have become very similar and a SSAS deserves similar treatment. Curtis Banks recognise this and operate their SSAS to the same standard as SIPPs, with many of the features of their SIPP product. These include a fee scale similar to SIPPs and the same competitive banking arrangements to ensure that each SSAS is well-run and good value for money.

We also feel that often a SSAS is not getting the level of service it deserves. With the increased maturity of the SSAS market, issues such as suitability of investments, benefit drawdown, scheme membership and succession planning may have been neglected and would benefit from being reviewed. Curtis Banks staff have been involved with the SSAS market since 1977 and are experts in this field.

While it is rare for a new SSAS to be set up, the established SSAS market is large and Curtis Banks are pleased to take over the administration of an existing SSAS.

Visit Literature for further information in the form of Guidance Notes, forms and case studies.