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Leasing a Commercial Property




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The lease will set out the obligations of the Pension Scheme as the landlord. It will also set out the obligations of the tenant. Usually the tenant will be responsible for arranging and meeting all utility contracts. The tenant will also be responsible for paying all insurance and service charges applicable to the Property. These will initially be met from your Pension Scheme and, where possible through the lease, will be recharged to the tenant.

A lease should be bespoke to the property and the tenant but must always incorporate the requirements of pension legislation and HMRC requirements.  Through our panel of legal firms, we can supply you with a bespoke lease for the transaction that incorporates all of our and HMRC requirements.  This will almost certainly be more efficient and less expensive than using a general legal practice that may not have the specialist knowledge. 

Our Lease Instruction Form should be completed and returned to us before a lease transaction takes place, so that we can confirm whether it is acceptable. Once approved, we will instruct the relevant third parties.  The Lease Instruction Form can be used for the following lease transactions:

  • the renewal of an existing tenancy
  • the details of a new tenancy
  • an assignment of an existing lease to a new tenant
  • a variation of an existing lease
  • a surrender of an existing lease

If you are purchasing or selling a property the Lease Instruction Form is not required.

You can submit your Tenancy Instruction Form using these contact details.  If you have any queries the respective telephone numbers can be found on our contact page.

Note: although we will start work on a copy of the form sent by email the original should follow in the post.