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Property Contacts

SIPP Property Contact Information

Property Technical Team

The team is responsible for all SIPP property transactions detailed below. A dedicated member of the team will be assigned to all property and lease transactions through to their completion.

Please call our Property Technical Team on 0117 332 4103 or email the team at for anything to do with:

  • New enquiries
  • Purchase (including property valuation)
  • Sales (including property valuation)
  • Transfers
  • Death
  • New leases
  • Lease surrenders
  • Lease assignments
  • Property development / building works
  • Title entries

Property Management Team

The team is responsible for on-going SIPP property management and safeguarding your property investment. Please call our Property Management Team on 01382 313796 or email the team at for anything to do with:

  • Rent demands and VAT receipts
  • Rent reviews
  • Rent arrears
  • Insurance VAT
  • Vacant property
  • Service charge, utility bills and Invoice payment / queries
  • General admin queries in relation to the property
  • Mortgage maintenance
  • Any other query if the property is already owned within one of our SIPPs

SSAS Property Contact Information

If you have a SSAS property query: For all SSAS property transactions and enquiries please contact the SSAS team on 0117 9107910 or email the team at