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The Curtis Banks Group companies hold over 6,000 commercial properties on behalf of our SIPP and SSAS clients. Our highly skilled property teams are fully aware of all the intricacies of holding a commercial property within a pension scheme environment. We are here to help guide you through the process of getting the property into the pension scheme, ensuring that it is managed in line with all regulatory environments and finally helping you through the process of selling the property in order to release funds for your pension income.

We look at every acquisition on a case by case basis and focus on how best to accommodate your needs. Over the years we have helped our clients buy their business premises as well as buying investment property to let. We have also helped farmers acquire agricultural land and some of our large SSAS clients build and develop commercial real estate.

On this page you will find our comprehensive Property Guide which sets out all requirements for holding Commercial Property in a pension scheme. We highly recommend that you read the guide and seek professional advice before proceeding with any transaction.

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A RICS Guide for Small Businesses, which gives more information and best-practice guidance for investors into property.

RICS - Small Business Property Guide

If you have a SIPP or SSAS property query or enquiry our contact details can be found here.