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Puchasing a Commercial Property




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You may already have a Pension Scheme with us when you find a property you wish to purchase on behalf of your Pension Scheme, or you may need to establish one first.  In either case, we will require you to complete our Property Application Form in order to collect all of the information we need to start your transaction.  The purchase process is shown in the Property Purchase flowchart which can be found at the side of the page.

Our Property Application Form should be completed and returned to us before a purchase takes place, so that we can confirm whether it is acceptable. Once approved, we will instruct the relevant third parties.  Note: timescales are difficult to predict due to the various factors involved in the transaction, such as third party solicitors, searches (such as the local authority), lenders (if funding is required) and valuation advice.

You can submit your Property Application Form using the contact details contained here. If you have any queries the respective telephone numbers are also on our contact page.

Note: although we will start work on a copy of the form sent by email the original should follow in the post.