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Originally sent 14 January 2020

Defined benefit transfers may have slowed recently, but many people transferred out of these schemes in recent years. Savers who were focused on the transfers themselves at the time may now be considering broader needs as they approach retirement. When seeking advice they are likely to focus on their future needs and post-retirement options.

One such important area is ensuring that family members are adequately provided for in the future and ensuring that arrangements are in place to pass on wealth to future generations in the most tax efficient manners possible. Intergenerational planning and the flexible options available through SIPPs are important areas to consider.

So we’re inviting you to meet ‘The Joneses’. Through our comprehensive series of case studies, you can see how a family can plan for their futures through a huge variety of scenarios by taking advantage of the flexibility that pensions allow across the generations, including:

  • Decisions following a DB transfer
  • Charity lump sum death benefits
  • Disqualifying pension credits
  • Contributions from death benefits
  • Assets on expression of wishes
  • Group connected party purchase
  • And more…

If you would like to sign up to receive an invitation to attend our quarterly webinars covering case studies from the Jones family tree with the opportunity for live Q&As with Jessica List, Pension Technical Manager please click the button below.


Keep up with the Joneses.

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