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What's next for commercial property? 30 June 2021

Catch up with our latest webinar featuring a panel of commercial property experts discussing the challenges and opportunities on the horizon for commercial property in pensions.

Hosted by Technical Sales Manager Barry Foster, the panel considered the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the commercial property market and examine the opportunities that have arisen for clients.


  • Host: Barry Foster – Technical Sales Manger, Curtis Banks
  • Craig Clarke – Head of Acquisitions and Building Works, Curtis Banks
  • James Tucker – Partner, Scrutton Bland LLP
  • Samantha Johnson – Head of Valuation, Vickery Holman Property Consultants
  • Kristen Cunliffe – Managing Director, Red Star Wealth

Shaping Income In Retirement 26 May 2021

We joined Dunstan Thomas to explore how the in-retirement market is changing in response to changing living, working and long term savings patterns as well as wider demographic trends, combined with new Pension Freedoms options and retirement product innovations.

The webinar, featured four presenters who gave insightful presentations and discussed topics on the theme of shaping income in retirement.

Panel members

Jessica List – Pension Technical Manager, Curtis Banks

Barry Foster – Technical Sales Manager, Curtis Banks

Adrian Boulding – Director of Retirement Strategy, Dunstan Thomas

Peter Ellis – CEO, Spire Platform Solutions

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Pensions and Investment Masterclass: What is a Balanced Portfolio? 18 May 2021

We recently partnered with Psigma Investment Management for a joint Pensions and Investment Masterclass webinar – What is a Balanced Portfolio?

Barry Foster, Technical Sales Manager for Curtis Banks, looked at the cost/benefit of making pension contributions, and considered the pension decumulation issues. Barry also ran through some “frequently asked questions” relating to Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS), including how to calculate PCLS entitlement after age 75.

Thomas Becket, Chief Investment Officer, Psigma Investment Management, examined how to use volatility as your friend in the ‘Turbulent Twenties’, and the various actions that you can take to achieve a more balanced approach for your clients’ portfolios.

Catch up with this webinar here.

Pension death benefits and impact investing webinar With Tribe Impact Capital April 2021

Watch our recent pension death benefits and impact investing webinar with Tribe Impact Capital, the UK’s first dedicated impact wealth manager. Barry Foster, Technical Sales Manager, Curtis Banks, looks at pension death benefits options, their tax treatment and how pensions can be passed down through multiple generations. Barry also considers the tax planning implications of completing/not completing an expression of wishes. Christopher Toy and Aaron Gaide, Wealth Managers, Tribe, present a session looking at opportunities in impact investing for financial advisers.

Pension tax rules and decumulation With Charles Stanley - April 2021

Watch our recent pension tax rules and decumulation webinar with Charles Stanley. On the theme of decumulation, Barry Foster, Technical Sales Manager, Curtis Banks, considered the importance of tax wrapper diversification and, specifically regards pensions: the Normal Minimum Pension Age (NMPA), and some less well understood aspects of the Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS) rules.

Keith Arnold, Intermediary Sales Manager & Andrew Baker, Senior Investment Manager, Charles Stanley, cover decumulation, exploring investment strategies best suited for generating retirement income, and provide an investment-focussed market update specifically aimed at clients looking for decumulation.

Tax planning ideas for 2021 and retirement funding planning options With LGT Vestra - March 2021

On March 10, we partnered with LGT Vestra to bring you our ‘Tax planning ideas for 2021 and retirement funding planning options’ webinar.

The Budget saw a freeze on various allowances and tax bands, including the lifetime allowance. Barry Foster considered the effect of these freezes, and how pension planning, as part of a wider financial plan, may help those affected.

David Lane, LGT Vestra Partner and Technical Director, discussed whether 2021 could be a defining year for tax relief. David also explored the fiscal effect Covid-19 has had, discussed the potential tax changes and highlighted tax planning opportunities presented by the pandemic.

Managing client income needs in retirement - Brooks Mcdonald July 2020

We joined Brooks Macdonald for their Connected webinar series, a series exploring the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on financial markets and, in particular, pensions and retirement funds.

In this webinar, Curtis Banks Pension Technical Manager Jessica List examined the considerations for those accessing (or thinking of accessing) their pensions, and discussed lifetime allowance issues, such as the age 75 tests.

Catch up with the webinar here.

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