Insignis Cash Solutions

An independent cash savings platform

What is Insignis Cash Solutions?

Insignis Cash Solutions is an independent cash savings platform. These can help clients achieve better returns on cash by offering easy access to a range of banks and cash accounts. They may also give clients higher overall FSCS protection by spreading cash across multiple banking institutions.

How does it work?

Your client will open an Insignis ‘hub’ account within their pension. You’ll be able to move cash from the client’s pension bank account to the Insignis hub account, where you can then distribute the cash across the range of account options available, depending on your client’s needs. For example, your client may simply be looking to achieve the best interest rates available, or may require a mix of shorter and longer term accounts.

You’ll be able to view full details of the bank accounts held with Insignis online at any time.

How to apply

Insignis Cash Solutions will be available to clients who are UK residents and have at least £50,000 to invest.

If you’d like to learn more about Insignis, please contact your local Business Development Manager.

The application process can be found on the Insignis website. Please complete this and submit to us using the below details:

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