Commercial Property Investment

We own in excess of 8,800 properties on behalf of thousands more clients. We pride ourselves on our property heritage and the breadth of our experience which dates back to 1971. We own properties across the UK with their uses ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Experts in commercial property

Our wide experience of buying and managing property and managing SIPPs  puts us in an ideal position to meet your needs. We have developed  relationships across the property industry and can provide access to a range of support.

Before deciding to invest in commercial property, it is important that you  consider both the benefits and the risks of holding a property in your SIPP and  the commitments you can expect to make. You also need to understand how  your investment can be affected by the way you manage the property.

How we can help

When we acquire commercial property via a SIPP, the ongoing management of the property will be arranged by our in house Property Management Team, unless a third party property manager has been appointed.

We have relationships with a number of key property professionals and a panel of property professionals, and can help you access services to help manage property within your SIPP.

You can still use your own choice of professionals, and are not restricted to the  panel; however, fixed pricing and service level agreements have been arranged to provide a streamlined and effective service that you can take advantage of.

You can find links to our Panel of Professionals below.

Panel of Professionals - England and Wales Panel of Professionals - Scotland and Northern Ireland

Learn more

We have a wealth of information about commercial property pension  investment in our Property Guide, offering key regulatory and process information to help you on your journey with Curtis Banks.

Your Future SIPP Property Guide

For new commercial property enquiries

For new commercial property enquiries, please contact your financial adviser.

For existing Curtis Banks clients, please contact the Property New Business Team on 0370 414 7000.

What types of property can you hold in a SIPP?

Offices Industrial
Retail Restaurant
Sports stadia Museums
Doctor/Dentists surgeries Brewery
Cinemas Pubs
Gyms Warehouse
Agricultural/Equestrian Land Forestry

There are some property types that we are unable to acquire. For more information here, please refer to our Property Guide.

When investing in property, a SIPP can only buy the land, bricks and mortar and those parts of the property that are essential to its structure. A SIPP cannot buy any goodwill or fixtures or fittings.

Your Future SIPP Property Guide

Ongoing obligations

While we hold property within your SIPP you will need to work alongside us to ensure that the property is managed in accordance with HMRC requirements and the terms of the lease.


From time to time we will require your instructions or authority to settle bills or manage the relationship with the tenant. Unless we are legally obliged or contractually entitled to proceed with a particular course of action we will usually seek your instructions. For properties owned on behalf of a group of individuals you and your syndicated members will nominate a lead member for us to correspond with and to supply decisions.


Throughout the time you hold a property within your SIPP you may wish to request formal valuations to help with your financial planning. There will also be times that Curtis Banks will require valuations of the property or, either as a result of pension regulations, insurance or due to the terms of the lease. In these circumstances we cannot deviate from valuers advice. Events include:

  • Lease renewals or new leases for connected tenants to advise us of market rents and terms
  • Rent reviews for connected tenants where terms are linked to market rents
  • Taking retirement benefits or, if you are already in capped drawdown, reviewing your income limits. Income limit reviews will be required every three years prior to age 75 and annually thereafter
  • In accordance with the terms of insurance – Please refer to our property insurance notes.

You can nominate a valuer of your choice to carry out the report. If we do not receive instructions from you as to which valuer you wish to appoint we will  appoint a valuer from our Panel of Professionals.


It is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds within your  SIPP to meet the liabilities associated with the property, such as mortgage payments, VAT, third party bills (including service charges, business rates, utility bills and insurance) and your SIPP fees. If you do not make cash  available to meet liabilities that have been notified to you we may need to force the sale of the property.

How do we hold SIPP commercial property?

There are two ways in which property we fully own may be held.

For Your Future SIPP or legacy Suffolk Life clients:
Suffolk Life Annuities Limited is a subsidiary company within the Curtis Banks Group and will be the legal title holder of each property.

If the whole of the property is to be bought by Suffolk Life Annuities Limited wewill be the only legal owner of the property and will be registered at the relevant Land Registry.

For all other plans:
We will hold the property on trust for your SIPP, through one of our trustee companies.

The trustee company will depend on the type of SIPP product that you have. Please contact us if you need confirmation of the trustee company.

Ways to own commercial property in a SIPP

There are a number of flexible ways that you can invest in and hold property with us. To learn more, click below.

Ways to hold property in your SIPP

How can a purchase be funded

There are several methods of funding available to fund the purchase or redevleopment of a SIPP property. Which is right for you will depend on your situation.

To learn more, please visit our dedicated page using the below link.

Funding a property purchase