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Within Curtis Banks we recognise the value of Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS). Talbot and Muir, who are part of Curtis Banks, provide a SSAS with a high level of personal service and a competitive fee scale, as well as a wide range of investment options. You can find out more about their product below.


Key Questions Answered

Small, self-administered pension schemes (SSAS) are a type of pension designed to allow a small number of senior staff in a company to build up a pension fund.

While SIPPs have grabbed all the headlines in recent years, SSAS options have been around for over 30 years and remain an invaluable form of pension planning. They have some advantages over SIPPs, including the ability to make loans to the employer company and the grouping together of pension assets for business owners and key executives.

We recognise the value of SSASs and operate our products to the same high standard as SIPPs, with many of the features of the SIPP product. These include a high level of personal service and a competitive fee scale. Our experienced team ensures that our SSASs are well-run and good value for money.

With the increased maturity of the SSAS market, issues such as suitability of investments, benefit drawdown, scheme membership and succession planning need to be kept under continual review. The Talbot and Muir SSAS team are experts in this field and provide a valuable service to our clients, and their advisers.

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The Talbot and Muir SSAS

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Schedule of fees and services

The Talbot and Muir SSAS

This document helps you understand the fees for establishing and administering a SSAS with Talbot and Muir. The below link will redirect you to Talbot and Muirs website

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Free SSAS reviews

It’s important to make sure that SSASs are correctly administered to avoid potential fines and de-registration of a scheme in the event that the current Scheme Administrator is not deemed ‘Fit and Proper’ by HMRC.

We undertake a no obligation and fee free service to review an existing scheme with another administrator. To book an appointment for a SSAS review, please contact us using the above contact details and we would be happy to help.

A wide range of investment options

A SSAS with Talbot and Muir offers a wide range of investment options, including:

  • Commercial property
  • Corporate bonds and shares
  • Units in regulated collective investment schemes
  • Shares in Investment Trusts
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • National Savings & Investments (NS&I) products
  • Gold bullion

Additional criteria will apply for each investment option, including due diligence.

For a full list of allowable investments, see our Permitted Investment List.

Learn more about SSAS

To learn more about how a SSAS operates, and also some key technical information, please see our additional webpage here.

See our SSAS technical webpage


Available to watch now

The first webinar in our three part series looking at SSAS. Presented by Barry Foster, Technical Sales Manager at Curtis Banks and Gemma Fenton, Head of Sales at Talbot and Muir, they take a look at the basics of a SSAS including its structure, similarities and differences to a SIPP and a look at the role of Scheme Administrator

SSAS - a world of opportunity

Available to watch now

Presented by Barry Foster and Gemma Fenton, this webinar explores the investment opportunities for a SSAS. This webinar focuses on financial planning opportunities using a SSAS, using case studies and client scenarios. Also included in this session is an overview of how a SSAS can provide tax planning and business planning vehicle as well as being a retirement planning vehicle.

SSAS Mythbusting

Available to watch now

The webinar is presented jointly between Barry Foster, Technical Sales Manager at Curtis Banks, Gemma Fenton, Head of Sales at Talbot and Muir and Charlie Dewey, Head of Sales at Curtis Banks. This final webinar looks at some freqnetly asked questions relating to SSAS and as part of this, explores some of the challenges and opportunities associated with running a SSAS.

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