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For Tenants of Curtis Banks

There are a number of reasons that you may need to get in touch with us, whilst you are a tenant of Curtis Banks.

To contact us please either call us on 0370 414 7000 should you wish to speak to a member of the team.

Tenants In Financial Difficulty

We appreciate that current economic challenges may have a knock on effect for tenants of ours and their ability to pay rent. It’s vital for tenants to get in contact with us as early as possible if they are running into difficulty paying the rent, so that we can help to find a solution that works for both tenant and landlord. For connected tenants, it’s even more important for this early engagement, to avoid potential tax charges for unpaid rent. We understand that the cost of living is adding extra daily challenges for businesses and our Property Credit Control Team are happy to discuss the above options with you in more detail.

Ultimately, if a tenant (connected or otherwise) gets into financial difficulty and is unable to make the agreed rent payments, early and continued engagement with the landlord is essential in order to avoid a potentially contentious situation.


Properties held within a SIPP with Curtis Banks must always be insured. It is important that the property is always appropriately insured to ensure that  Curtis Banks, where we are legal owner of the property, are adequately protected.

Curtis Banks has arranged a block insurance policy through which the properties legally owned by us will be insured  from outset. Insurance through our block policy will cover:

  • All risks of physical loss or damage including theft, subsidence, glass and accidental damage and consequential loss resulting therefrom
  • Damage following a terrorism incident
  • Loss of rent as a result of damage

The property will be insured for the cost of rebuilding the property (also known as the re-instatement value). The insurance requires that building values are assessed by a surveyor and a new insurance valuation undertaken at regular intervals.

Where the property is held by joint title holders, or the freehold is owned by a third party, who has an obligation to insure the property, we will require a copy of their insurance policy on which our interest is noted. In these cases we may also insure loss of rent and our public liability as property owner, again through our block insurance policy.

Our block insurance policy does not cover any contents. Tenants will need to arrange their own cover for contents.

Please refer to our Insurance Notes for more information regarding our insurance requirements.