DFMs and Investment Solutions

DFMs and Investment Solutions

Discretionary Fund Managers can offer managed portfolios that are risk profiled, allowing you and your clients to build SIPP portfolios that are completely tailored to their needs.

The majority of our products are able to hold accounts with multiple investment managers at the same time, providing a solution for a huge range of investment strategies.

Using DFMs with Curtis Banks offers the flexibility to adapt to clients changing investment appetite over the duration of their accumulation and retirement stages, all whilst remaining within one pension wrapper.

Why use a DFM with Curtis Banks?

DFMs are typically available via SIPP providers, and also via individual platforms. However, most platforms may not allow investment in certain products like institutional structured products, unlisted shares or fixed term deposits.

With our autosweep functionality, all cash balances including transfers, contributions and tax reclaims can be moved upon receipt into the SIPP bank account to a nominated DFM. This means cash gets sent to a DFM as quickly as possible and reduces your responsibility to move cash balances to DFM accounts.

Don’t forget that DFMs offer only some of the investment options available via Curtis Banks. By accessing DFMs via our products, clients also have the opportunity to diversify their pension by investing in commercial property, gold and cash platforms alongside a DFM portfolio- all within the same pension wrapper.

DFMs offer a wide range of advantages, including:

Benefit from a hands off approach to investing your client’s money, allowing you to focus on holistic financial planning

✓ Access investment expertise, including creating bespoke portfolios tailored to your client’s individual needs

✓ Create accumulation and Decumulation strategies, including the ability to blend long, medium and short term investment strategies

✓ Choose from a huge range of investment vehicles including:

• OEICs, unit trusts and investment trusts

• Structured Products

• Market listed shares

Over 200 approved partners

We have an extensive panel of over 200 approved DFM partners, which can be viewed here. We have curated these relationships so that your clients can benefit from a combination of value and service. Our panel also offers a range of benefits, including entry level SIPP fees and zero SIPP transactional fees.

Many of our investment partners provide an integrated option by reporting data to us electronically, allowing us to pass any fee saving your clients. These data feeds provide automatic, daily updates to our systems, which both you and your clients can access through our secure portal.

You can appoint an investment firm of your choice to manage your clients’ investments on either a discretionary, advisory or execution only basis.

Unlike many other large pension providers, we are happy to work with any new investment firm that meets our due diligence requirements. If you would like to discuss using a DFM not currently on our panel, contact your local Business Development Manager.

2023 Fee Offers

We have made it even easier for you to recommend Curtis Banks to your clients, including unlocking the wide network of DFMs that we offer, by introducing 2 new fee concessions and extending our exclusive offer on in-specie property transfers.

For new Your Future SIPP clients that join Curtis Banks throughout 2023, we are offering:

✓ £0 Cash transfer in fee

✓ £0 In specie transfer in fee

Please note that any subsequent transfers into a client’s SIPP will be charged as per our Schedule of Fees.

✓ £0 Property transfer fee

We have extended our exclusive offer on in specie commercial property transfers into Your Future SIPP.

Until 30 June 2023, we are waiving the transfer fee on in specie commercial property transfers, saving your clients over £850. To avoid any duplication of fees, we will align our annual SIPP fee and annual property management fee to match your clients previous provider when transferring to us – so your client does not pay twice.

To find out more and take advantage of any of our fee offers, leave your contact details below and let our Business Development Managers do the work by giving you a call.

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