Improvements to the secure portal

Originally sent 1 April 2019


It has been just over a month since we launched our new secure portal. You’ve been providing some great feedback, and as a direct result we delivered a number of improvements to the secure portal during the weekend. The main changes are:

  • Ability to add full employer details
  • Improved signposting through the online journey
  • Adding direct links to useful supplementary forms for more complex applications
  • A new progress bar to show your progress through the online journey
  • Making our terminology easier to understand
  • Applying a number of bug fixes

Future updates

We’ve another update planned, which brings a number of significant enhancements including:

  • An overview of all your clients’ plans
  • Individual client plan view, including summaries of:
    • Investments
    • Contributions
    • Transfers
    • Previous illustrations
    • Income details

We’ll provide you with a more detailed update nearer to the time, or ask your business development manager for details.

Pricing change for Your Future SIPP

Following your feedback we’ve introduced a cap on the transfer-in fees for Your Future SIPP. The fee remains £50 per transfer but we’ve now capped this at £200. Our data suggests that this will bring a better outcome for around 10% of your future clients.

Updated due diligence

We announced our 2018 full year financial results on 20 March, and our updated due diligence guide is now ready for download.

Defined benefit transfers

The FCA recently issued a Dear CEO letter to pension providers, and you may have seen in subsequent press coverage that at least one provider has decided to cease accepting defined benefit transfers.

Every firm will always have different interpretations of their responsibilities. We keep all controls under regular review, and are comfortable to continue our current approach which is to accept advised DB transfers. There’s also no change to our existing approach for DB transfers not recommended by an adviser, which we do not accept.

Thank you for continuing to support Curtis Banks.

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