Major enhancements to the secure portal focussed on your clients

Originally sent 29 April 2019

Thanks to your feedback we’ve delivered a number of changes to our new secure portal since launch a couple of months ago. Until now we’ve focussed primarily on improving the application process, but this weekend we’ve introduced a huge number of new client-focussed features. They’re all intuitive and easy to use, so the best way to experience them is to log in straight away. For now, we’ll provide an overview of the key changes that will make your back office processes far simpler.

It’s all about the client

We’ve introduced an overview of all of your clients’ plans. Clicking through brings you to a plan summary, and that’s where the real detail can be found under each of the following menus:

  • Investment summary
  • Contributions
  • Transfers-in
  • Drawdown
  • Income
  • Illustrations

Investment summary

There’s a huge amount of information available here, depending on the breadth and complexity of your individual client’s investments. This includes:

  • Investment firms: a list of all investment firms linked to the SIPP. What’s more, clicking through on each investment firm will give you an up to date list of individual investments and their values, as provided to us by the investment partner
  • Property: if your client has a property then this will be listed here, with a valuation date and the value of the client’s share of the property value
  • Bank accounts: a list of all bank accounts, together with cash balances, linked to the plan, even including cash balances with third party investment firms and any fixed term cash deposits
  • Borrowing: if the plan has borrowing then details are provided here
  • Other: a catch all for anything not covered in any other section, such as dividend tax or VAT reclaims


A historic list of contributions, with values and dates.

Transfers in

We’ve split this into two specific sections to help with new business applications, providing a list of transfers in that have been requested and are in flight, as well as transfers in received.


This section provides an overview of the drawdown status of the plan (but not income payments – they’re covered next). We provide a numericla and graphical breakdown of uncrystallised and crystallised values, and provide further granular information on flexi-access and capped drawdown. If capped drawdown is applicable then further information on maximum income, max GAD and review date is provided.

If the MPAA has been triggered then we display this here.


A list of current and historic income payments, with values and dates, if income payments have been made. The applicable tax code is helpfully provided.

You’ll see all these enhancements for yourself next time you log in. If you’re not yet signed up for our secure portal, please contact one of our Business Development team to arrange a demonstration. You can also see an overview of key secure portal functionality by watching our bitesize videos on our website.

Future updates

In addition to continuing to listen and respond to your feedback, we have a number of future planned updates that will bring further great improvements to the secure portal. We’ll provide you with more details nearer the time or you can contact your local Business Development Manager for details.

Fee for paper applications

For the launch of Your Future SIPP we waived the £100 fee for paper applications. As we’ve improved the portal functionality and user experience more and more applications are now being made online, this fee will begin to apply for paper applications received after 1 May.

Thank you for continuing to support Curtis Banks, and for providing us with the feedback that informs how we improve our proposition for you.


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