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If the idea of completing manual pension calculations doesn’t fill you with joy, we have some good news!

We’ve been working with our colleagues at Dunstan Thomas to develop a range of tools and calculators to help with some of the most common pension calculations. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve just released the first two, which are now available on a dedicated page of our website.

Our first two calculators are:

Annual Allowance

This tool will help you find your client’s annual allowance for the year, including their carry forward allowance. It will work out when you need to go back further than three tax years to complete the carry forward calculation, and you can edit the allowances for each year if your client is (or was) subject to the tapered annual allowance.

Try the Annual Allowance calculator today

Salary Sacrifice

Our salary sacrifice tool will show you the effect on a client’s take-home pay if they give up part of their salary in exchange for a pension contribution. You can edit the client’s personal allowance, confirm where they are in the UK for tax purposes, and specify whether any employer National Insurance savings will be passed on to the client.

Try the Salary Sacrifice calculator today

Watch this space for news of further releases over the coming months.

Kind regards,

Jessica List

Jessica has been with Curtis Banks for ten years. She has worked in the SIPP Support team helping clients and advisers with general queries, and the Product Technical team working on projects delivering legislative changes and delivering staff training. As Pension Technical Manager she focuses on helping advisers with queries, and writing technical content for Curtis Banks and the trade press.

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