Your Future SIPP – flat fees bring added value for money

First sent 5 March 2019


Your Future SIPP – flat fees bring added value for money

In the lead up to launching Your Future SIPP, we teamed up with consultancy firm the lang cat to get their views on our new pension. Their pricing analysis paper explored Your Future SIPP’s place in the market, including the potential advantages of flat fee charging structures. If you haven’t seen this paper, you can access it on our website.

You may have seen the recent news that Standard Life has reduced the fees for Elevate platform customers. As Elevate was one of the platforms included in the pricing analysis, we went back to the lang cat to ask them to take another look at the numbers with Elevate’s new fees. As you can see from the table below, we’re pleased to say that Your Future SIPP’s flat fee model still comes in at market value for fund values of around £150,000 to £200,000 for pensions in the decumulation phase, and just £75,000 for pensions in the accumulation phase. Above those values our flat fee model becomes progressively cheaper than percentage based fees.

Your Future SIPP provides you and your clients with the choice of virtually the whole of market investment platforms, brokers and discretionary managers – as well as providing access to our renowned commercial property proposition – a dedicated team of professionals who manage in excess of 6,000 properties.

A fully online experience, access Your Future SIPP from our website via a modern, functional portal that’s completely responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Click here to read more about Your Future SIPP, or contact your local Business Development Manager for more information.


Curtis Banks

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