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SIPP Online Access

An important feature of our SIPP is online access to current data. This is exported daily from our database onto the secure Log-in section of this site and includes the following:

  • Our links with stockbrokers and fund managers allow us to provide a current valuation of all the assets of the SIPP. Prices of quoted investments, and the SIPP’s bank balance, are updated daily. If you or your advisers have purchased investments using our streamlined trading arrangements, each investment will be separately valued. Clients and their advisers can log on and view a current schedule of assets.
  • A schedule of all the transactions on the SIPP bank account since inception, including a full narrative for each transaction.
  • Schedules of contributions and transfer payments made to the SIPP, detailing dates and amounts.
  • Basic client details.
  • For advisers, a summary of their clients using the Curtis Banks SIPP and basic details for each client.

Many SIPPs feature online log-in to client data, but in our experience the data available is often limited. Our SIPP gives clients and their advisers daily access to a wide range of current information.

In addition, a suite of illustration tools is available for all the standard projections required by advisers.

Please contact us if you would like more detailed information on what is available.

Your ability to view current valuations of investments will be dependent on us being able to receive daily data in respect of the investment. Not all investments are valued daily and not all investment managers supply daily data. Your advisers should liaise with us to ensure that investment arrangements are put in place to permit daily valuations.