Curtis Banks partners with Intergenerational Foundation

We are proud to announce we are partnering with the Intergenerational Foundation, the research and education charity whose mission is to promote intergenerational fairness and protect the interests of younger and future generations across all areas of policy.

We are aligned with the Intergenerational Foundation in wanting to ensure the efficient passing of wealth between generations and to protect the interests of younger and future generations. Through our partnership, we aim to raise the profile of rising inequalities and work with policy makers to ensure fairness between generations.

A report launched today to mark the 10 year anniversary of the foundation of the Intergenerational Foundation analyses what has changed for younger people during that time. The report, “Left Behind: A decade of intergenerational unfairness” shows young people in the UK have lived through a decade of rising intergenerational unfairness, having fallen behind in 9 out of 10 policy areas, with COVID-19 hitting younger people hardest widening the inequality between the old and the young.

The report is now available to read on the Intergenerational Foundation website. Read our Press Release for more details.