Submitting a new Fixed Term Bank Account (FTBA) application

Fixed Term Bank Account (FTBA)

A fixed term bank account (FTBA) is a bank account which provides a fixed rate of interest, for a fixed time – all terms are agreed at the outset of the investment.

You can access a large number of FTBA providers via our 200+ approved investment firms, via a number of banks or via our two cash platforms:

  • Flagstone
  • Insignis

You are responsible for deciding which investments are suitable for your pension. Curtis Banks are unable to provide advice and we recommend that you obtain financial advice before making any financial decisions.

Before making any financial decisions, please read the information on our scam awareness page.

How To Open a New FTBA

To submit a new account application to an investment firm, the process is as follows:

  1. Send your instruction to us via secure message, email or post. Your instruction should include:
    • Amount of money to be invested
    • The name of the FTBA provider
  2. Where required, we will provide you with any forms or documentation to complete
  3. Complete and return this documentation to us
  4. We submit these forms to the chosen FTBA provider and they will establish the account. This can take upwards of 10 days to action and will be dependent on the individual FTBA provider’s processing times.
  5. The provider will confirm once the account has been opened, and we arrange for the funds to be sent to the provider within 3 days of receipt of notificiation. We’ll let you know you once this has happened.