Transferring an investment inspecie

Transferring an investment inspecie to another investment firm within the SIPP

You may wish to transfer an investment to another investment firm, all within the SIPP.

The below process outlines how you can go about doing this.

You are responsible for deciding which investments are suitable for your pension. Curtis Banks are unable to provide advice and we recommend that you obtain financial advice before making any financial decisions.

Before making any financial decisions, please read the information on our scam awareness page.

How to transfer an investment to another investment firm

Within Your SIPP
  1. Send us an instruction via secure message, post or email, which includes
    • The investment you wish to transfer
    • The investment firm you wish to transfer to
  2. If you haven’t already requested for the receiving investment account to be set up, please see the process for arranging this here.
  3. We may need a detailed valuation of the existing investment account, before we can arrange the transfer. If this is the case, we’ll let you know and we will outline the process to you to arrange this.
  4. We’ll review the assets held within the investment account to ensure that the receiving account can accept the assets. We’ll then arrange for a signed letter to be sent to the receiving investment firm, instructing them to transfer the assets
  5. The receiving investment firm will notify us once the assets have been transferred and we will confirm this to you.

Please note that the processing timescales for transferring the assets will be determined by the investment firms, not Curtis Banks. We will keep you updated throughout the process and we will work with the investment firm through to completion of the transfer.