Purchasing a new non-standard investment

Non Standard Investments

Self-invested pensions offer significant investment choice flexibility, putting clients in control. At Curtis Banks, we are proud to offer one of the widest choices of investment options available, including specialist investments.

We deem Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes and unlisted shares to be specialist investments. You can read our Schedule of Allowable Investments to identify whether we categorise an asset as standard or specialist.

Specialist investments are only allowable in our self-invested pensions if they meet our due diligence requirements. The FCA restricts who can receive the promotion of and invest in specialist investments, this includes: certified high net worth investors, certified sophisticated investors and self-certified sophisticated investors.

Unlisted shares can be allowable and cover any UK-based company shares (including ordinary and preference shares) that are not listed on a stock exchange.

Private Equity is an alternative investment class that invests in or acquires private companies on a managed basis.

You are responsible for deciding which investments are suitable for your pension. Curtis Banks are unable to provide advice and we recommend that you obtain financial advice before making any financial decisions.

Before making any financial decisions, please read the information on our scam awareness page.

How To Invest In A Non-Standard Asset

  1. Provide investment instruction via secure message, email or post
  2. We’ll assess the investment and inform you if we are able to proceed to the due diligence process. This usually takes 3 working days, however if the asset is more complex, we might need some additional time to review
  3. If we are able to proceed to due diligence on the asset, we’ll send you any relevant documentation to complete
  4. Complete and return any relevant documentation, including subscription documents, and any other due diligence information that we request
  5. Our due diligence assessment begins once we have received all required information. It usually takes us around 3-4 weeks to complete, and we will let you know if we need any further information throughout.
  6. If the asset is approved, we’ll send confirmation to you as well as arranging for the relevant forms and monies to be provided to the non standard investment administrator

We typically expect this process to take approximately 6 weeks in total, however this is dependent on the type, and complexity of investment.