Submitting a new account application to an Investment Firm

Opening A New Investment Account

You can appoint an investment firm of your choice to manage investments on either a discretionary, advisory or execution only basis. We provide access to a wide range of firms and we are happy to work with any new investment firm that meets our due diligence requirements. Most of our products are able to hold accounts with multiple investment managers at the same time.

You are responsible for deciding which FCA-regulated investment firm you should use for your investments as Curtis Banks are unable to provide advice. The panel of investment firms is reviewed regularly and if any  investment firms fail to meet our ongoing requirements, we will contact you to advise of any changes if your plan is affected.

Please see below a list of over 200 approved investment firms that we already have relationships with. You can see our Full List of investment firms here.

If you would like to access an investment firm or platform that is not on the list of investment firms below please contact your local Business Development Manager.

How To Open a New Investment Account

Please note that some investment form may not require a paper application form to be sent to us due to our streamlined processes. Please call us, or email us to find out whether a paper application form is required.

To submit a new account application to an investment firm, the process is as follows:

  1. Obtain an application form from the investment firm of your choice.
  2. Submit the completed form to us via secure message or post.
  3. We will complete the form, and return this to the investment firm
  4. The investment firm will set up the account
  5. We will then arrange for the funds to be sent to the investment firm and notify you once this has happened
  6. You or your adviser contacts the investment firm to place deal unless you have instructed the investment firm to manage investments on your behalf

It typically takes up to 10 days for the new account to be set up by the investment firm. However, this is dependent on the third party firm’s processing timeframes