Sending a payment to an investment firm

Sending a Payment to an Investment Firm

Once you have set up an account with an investment firm, you may wish to transfer further funds across from time to time. The below process outlines how you will go about this.

You are responsible for deciding which investments are suitable for your pension. Curtis Banks are unable to provide advice and we recommend that you obtain financial advice before making any financial decisions.

Before making any financial decisions, please read the information on our scam awareness page.

How to send payments to an existing investment account

  1. You or your adviser will send us an instruction via secure message, email or post, including the amount to be transferred and the investment firm account reference
  2. We’ll arrange the payment within 3 working days of receipt, and we’ll update you once this has happened
  3. You or your adviser will then contact the investment firm directly to place any deals, unless you have instructed the investment firm to manage investments on your behalf.